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Are you one of the over 18 million people who have depression in America? Maybe you know someone right now who is depressed and you want to know how you can help? Whatever your reason is, you are in the right place.

Depression doesnt discriminate against gender or age. Clinical depression is a severe but treatable mental illness that requires medical intervention. Depression is much more than feeling sad. Its a profound sadness and gloominess that seems to never go away. Its not felt just in the mind but it has many physical symptoms that are sometimes just as difficult than the feelings and emotions of emptiness. Weeping, loss of appetite, too much appetite, moodiness, disturbed sleep patterns are all some of the physical symptoms that accompany depression.

With treatment however, these symptoms dont have to linger. Unfortunately many people are untreated or they dont get the right treatment. This is because depression is poorly understood by the person who have it and by the people around them. Depression is not imagined by those who have it, or "anger turned inward" like Freud stated, its not punishment for sins, or your reaction to misfortune, it doesnt mean you are worthless or a failure, and you cant simply snap out of it. The truth is that depression is an illness and its not your fault.